Ranking Every WWE PPV Of 2017 From Worst To Best

I decided to rank the WWE Pay-Per-View events that have happened in 2017 from worst to best. This is based on how much I personally enjoyed the show and need to make it clear that this is based on myself. Some you might agree and others you might disagree. Make sure to let us know your ranking in the comment section below!

16) Battleground

The 2017 Battleground Pay-Per-View kicked off with the awesome Smackdown Tag Team Title match between the Usos and the New Day. Unfortunately for fans, that was the only real high-point of the show.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin wasn’t very good. AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens ended with a botched finish.

The event featured two gimmick matches. The first was a flag match between John Cena and Rusev. I don’t know about anybody else but I can’t stand flag matches and think that they are silly. There was also the Punjabi Prison match between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton. I am also not a huge fan of Punjabi Prison matches. It was something different but still a silly (and confusing) concept.

The surprise of the Great Khali returning was fun but pointless. We haven’t seen Khali appear after Battleground and he was essentially used as the way WWE could get out of the Jinder and Orton feud.

Not even a question, this was the worst Pay-Per-View of the year.

15) Fastlane

When thinking of this list, Fastlane immediately came to my mind as a Pay-Per-View that I really disliked this year. There were definitely some solid matches. Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman, Charlotte vs Bayley and Neville vs Jack Gallagher immediately come to mind. Other than that, I didn’t think the show was very good.

There were some questionable booking decisions. For example:

– WWE randomly added two unannounced matches to the card. Out of nowhere, we got Cesaro vs Jinder Mahal and Big Show vs Rusev back-to-back. Really made the Pay-Per-View feel like an episode of RAW instead of a Pay-Per-View.

– Bayley ended Charlotte’ undefeated Pay-Per-View streak. After building it up so much, this should have been saved for Wrestlemania (in my opinion at least). Felt like it was just thrown away by WWE.

– Goldberg squashed Kevin Owens in 22 seconds. That’s right folks, our main event lasted under 30 seconds. This decision pissed off a lot of hardcore fans.

Not the worst event of the year, but near the bottom of the list for sure in my mind.

14) Payback

Payback was the first Pay-Per-View after Wrestlemania 33 and was dedicated to the RAW brand. The event was headlined by the match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

The event had some fun moments, like Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens, Reigns vs Strowman and the Hardy Boyz vs Sheamus & Cesaro. Still, the event was pretty forgettable from start to finish.

The event featured no WWE Universal Championship match as Brock Lesnar wasn’t scheduled to appear. It became really clear during this event that it would be rough having a part-time Champion.

Then we had the ‘House of Horrors’ match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Some fans loved it, others hated it. I am in the camp that disliked it. It was different but it just felt silly and I couldn’t get into it. As a result, Payback is near the bottom of my list for Pay-Per-Views. If you enjoyed the ‘House of Horrors’, you might have this event a bit higher on your list.

A forgettable show in my mind.

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