10 Backstage WWE Fight Stories

Here are some stories about backstage fights that have happened in WWE. These fights were not scripted and happened when the cameras weren’t rolling.

1) JBL vs Steve Blackman

As you will probably notice in some of these stories of backstage fights, JBL has a tendency to piss people off. Bob Holly tells a story about him messing with Steve Blackman backstage and it almost ended very badly for him.. Enjoy this and 9 other WWE backstage fight stories!

Bob Holly tells the story in his book: The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly story:

“Steve [Blackman] and I were waiting around when Bradshaw came over. It was an early morning flight and John was still drunk from the night before. He started patting Steve’s a**. Steve said, “John, I don’t play that sh**, knock it off.” John patted him again. And again. Steve was getting brutally pissed. He told him, “John, next time you do that, I’m going to knock your f****** teeth out.” So, of course, John did it again. Steve whipped around and backhanded Bradshaw, popping him with jabs in the face” (Source: The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story).

Holly continues:

“John started swinging and missing, and his head was snapping back with each of Steve’s jabs. Steve stepped back, planning to kick Bradshaw’s knees out, but he got his leg caught in a bag handle. Al Snow and I grabbed Steve, Ron Simmons grabbed John, and we pulled them apart. John was walking back and forth like a bandy rooster, looking to fight. Before we left, Steve told him, “I’m going to f****** kill you.” He meant it too” (Source: The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story).

Holly says that him and Ken Shamrock were poking Blackman in the car on the way to the next town. They were telling him that JBL could beat him up and firing Blackman up.

When the got their hotel, they encountered JBL. Blackman (who was pissed by now) warned JBL that he was going to finish him in front of all the boys. JBL ended up apologizing and saying that he shouldn’t have messed with him.

2) Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero feuded for a lot of 2004 on WWE television. Did you know they also got into it behind the scenes as well? It seems like their on-screen rivalry also came to blows backstage.

Kurt Angle was on Vince Russo’s The Brand podcast where he told the story about him and Eddie getting into a real-life fight backstage. He claims the fight didn’t last long as he was able to get the upper hand on the late WWE star.

Here is what he said about the incident:

“It happened with Eddie Guerrero and it was a pretty quick fight. Eddie was pretty frustrated at the time. As talented as he was, his body was breaking down. He was in a car accident in the early 2000s, then he had to go to rehab to get himself straightened out. When he got out he was doing great, but was still struggling physically and mentally – his body just wasn’t holding up” (Source: Vince Russo The Brand).

Kurt continued:

“Working with him he was always yelling and screaming afterwards say I was too stiff and I needed to take better care of him. After a while I just said, ‘F-it, Eddie, if you have a problem with me let’s go right now.’ The fight didn’t last long. I got him in a front headlock and started choking him out. (Laughing) The funny this is, JBL, who likes to stir things up, later asked Eddie, ‘Why would you try to double leg an Olympic Gold Medalist?” (Source: Vince Russo The Brand).

Eddie is no longer with us so we will never get to hear his side of the story.

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