Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions On Who Will Be The Winner

The Royal Rumble is typically one of the best events of the entire year. The event always features the 30-man battle royal that it is famous for. 30 men enter the ring and try to toss one another over the top rope to be the last man standing. Here are our Royal Rumble 2018 predictions for who could win!

10) A New Day Member

The New DAY

Credit – WWE

This might be a crazy idea, but I think that it would be a lot of fun if a New Day member was to win the Royal Rumble. Specifically, my choice would be Big E. This will probably top the list as the craziest of our 2018 Royal Rumble predictions.

The reason? I think that WWE clearly values the New Day as a group. They are the longest reigning tag team champions of all-time and are merchandise machines for the company. I think that it could be an interesting way to keep the group fresh if they were to be involved in the main event scene of WWE. This would be instead of them being involved in the tag team title picture, something that fans have seen a lot of over the past few years.

It would be fun (and something different) to see the group using the Freebird rule for the WWE Title.

There were also rumors that Vince McMahon was extremely high on Big E when he first came into WWE. Maybe he decides to pull the trigger on him? Regardless, I think there is a small chance that one of the New Day members could win the Rumble.

9) Finn Balor

Finn Balor Dating Cathy Kelley (Photo)

Credit – WWE

Finn Balor is another name that I think has a decent shot at winning the 2018 Royal Rumble match. Balor has basically stayed around the mid-card scene on RAW for most of 2017. He was involved in the fatal 5-way match at Extreme Rules for a shot at the Universal Title but other than that, he hasn’t been in the main event picture.

Rumors suggest that Vince McMahon doesn’t think Balor is ‘over’ enough for a match against Brock Lesnar. If this is the case, it probably means that Vince won’t have him win the Royal Rumble to set up Brock vs Balor. As a result, his stock has dropped from a top 5 pick, to 9th on our list of potential winners.

With all that being said, I still think Balor would be a good choice to be the winner of the Rumble. He is loved by fans, so his win would receive a nice pop from the crowd. My tin foil hat says that Vince planted these rumors to make Finn look like even more of an underdog against Brock.

Paul Heyman pumped Balor’s tires several months back, saying that he was the best in-ring performer in WWE. Maybe this was a long-term set up for Brock vs Balor? We will have to wait and see. He is unlikely, but still has a chance in my book and that is why he takes the 9th spot.

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